• Marketing your rental property strategically will help you get it rented faster to a high quality tenant. Today, we are sharing a few tricks that we have picked up along the way that help you get your property turned over faster. We do these things in our day to day operations at Bluefax Realty, and they’ve been very successful.

    Taking Pictures

    All good advertisements and marketing photos look professional and clean. When you’re taking pictures, use a good camera and turn on all the lights. Open the blinds and make the place look as light and bright as possible. Let the natural light come through in your photos. The less flash you need to use, the better your pictures will come out.

    Walk Through Video

    We always recommend doing a walk through video. The shades should already be open, with the doors unlocked and the property looking clean and inviting. Stand at the front of the house with your video camera, and do a 360 degree walk-around so people can see what the street looks like. Then, simply walk slowly through the house like you’re showing it to a tenant.

    This is especially useful when people call us because they are interested in a house, but they have questions about how it looks. We can send them a link to this video, and then they will call back if they want to see it. If they don’t call us back, we will follow up and we’ll hear that the video showed something that the prospective tenants didn’t like or weren’t looking for. You’ll save time on showings. It can also be helpful for husbands and wives or roommates who are finding it hard to see the property together. With the video, you can let people see it when they are available. The walk through video goes a long way.


    How to Advertise My San Antonio Rental PropertyIf you do need help managing your property, please contact us at Bluefax Realty. You can also get more information on our services and our pricing on our website.