• When you’re an active duty military family, PCS orders can have a huge impact on what you do with your property. The typical scenario for many of the military members we work with is, they have recently bought a home and they don’t have the equity to sell. But, when the military says you have to go – you have to go. Maybe you bought a home not long ago and the builders are still there, so you don’t expect you’ll be able to sell easily. We can talk about your options, and whether it’s a good idea to try and sell it or to rent it out.

    I am a veteran of the Marine corps and also a former member of the National Guard. I hold a certification from the National Association of Realtors as a military relocation professional. At Bluefax Realty, we are up to date on what your options are, and we are happy to help you out.
    If you’re in a tight spot and you want to rent out your home and manage it yourself, we’re happy to give you some advice from one veteran to another. But if you’re heading to Germany or Japan or even north Texas, you might find it difficult to manage from afar. We can help you protect your home and take care of that investment.

    Many of our military owners plan to move back after their tour. Maybe you’re just doing three years out, and then you’ll be back. As long as we know that ahead of time, we can prepare the tenants and make sure the home is ready for your return.

    Our technology allows us to do everything online with our owners. You can give us electronic signatures and we’ll deposit your rent electronically. Owners and tenants have portals so you can easily review how your property is performing at any time.

    How Bluefax Realty Helps Military Families when they Receive a PCS OrderIf you have any questions about how to handle your PCS orders and what to do with your property, please contact us at Bluefax Realty. We’d be happy to talk it out with you.