• Application fee is $50/person over the age of 17.  All occupants over the age of 17 must submit an application before we can make a decision. Screening consists of Credit Check, Background (criminal, sex offender, eviction), LAST 2 YEARS of Rental History Required, Employment Verification. 

    Applications are submitted online: 1. Select the property you want to apply for. 2. Select the 'Apply Online' link for the property you want to apply for.

    Once you have submitted your application, please email the following documents to: Applications@BluefaxRealty.com

    1. Govt. Issued ID(s)  2. Proof of Income  3. Pet Photos taken WITH APPLICANT if you have a pet.

    Applications will NOT be processed until your documentation is received.

    Common Reasons to be Declined –Incomplete application(s), evictions, collections from landlords, low credit score, insufficient income, unsatisfactory references, non-discharged bankruptcies, unqualified occupants, pets (no aggressive breeds allowed), vehicles and/or move in dates too far in future can also be a reason for a declined application.

    Move In Dates - Your lease must start within 14 days of approval or the unit becoming vacant. 

    Holding Units - Once approved, your lease must be signed within 2 business days and all deposits received in full in order to secure the unit for you.  If your lease is not signed / deposits not received, we will move on to the next applicant.

    Learn more by reading our Tenant Rental Criteria.


  • We encourage our property owners to accept pets, but not all do.  Unless stated otherwise, the pet fee is $300 PER pet. 2 pet max.  Our Property Owners Insurance Companies have certain breed restrictions on the properties. 

    You can view those here.

    We will need to see a photo that includes YOU WITH YOUR PET (like a pet selfie).

  • This page is where we display OUR Available Rental Homes.  If you're not seeing any results, we likely don't have any that are immediately available.  However, feel free to give us a call, we may have something coming to market and just can't quite advertise it just yet.