• If you’re wondering how to take care of maintenance on your rental property, remember that as the landlord, you have a legal timeline on how long you can take to fix certain things. It’s your responsibility to provide a safe and habitable property for your tenants.

    Emergency Repairs

    For most maintenance issues, you need to take care of things within a week or seven days, at the maximum. Some things need attention sooner, however. If there’s a backed up sewer or broken pipes at your property, these things are emergencies. When they are broken, your tenants can’t live in the home, so get them repaired immediately. Make repairs over weekends and late at night if necessary.

    Heating and Cooling Repairs

    As long as temperatures are not extreme, the heating and cooling repairs are not necessarily emergencies. However, they should still get fixed as soon as possible. In Texas, if it’s below 40 degrees for a night or two, you’ll want to treat a tenant’s lack of heat as an emergency. You don’t want your tenants to be cold. In the summer, you should treat a lack of air conditioning as an emergency if it’s over 100 degrees. While this isn’t considered a legal emergency, your tenants can get uncomfortable, and it can be dangerous for elderly tenants or babies.

    Making Repair Requests

    Include instructions in your lease about how tenants should make maintenance requests. We ask our tenants to make their requests in writing. Our tenant portal allows them to do that online. They submit the request, and then they can see our notes and what we’re doing and who the vendor is that will be responding. We require tenants to be current on their rent payments in order to make those maintenance requests. It’s a way of enforcing the lease. You don’t want to be unpleasant about it; it’s important to keep people safe while they are living in your property. But there’s no need to rush over to fix a screen if your tenant hasn’t paid the rent. How to Take Care of Maintenance RequestsWe are happy to help you out and answer any questions. If you’d like to hear more, please contact us at Bluefax Realty.