• Pet Policy
    Special Consideration is given to service animals that assist tenants with Medical Needs. Documentation is required.

    Pet acceptance will vary from one property to the next depending upon the property owners guidelines. Tenants should presume a No Pets Allowed Policy unless specifically authorized in writing.

    Please consider the following breeds “Unacceptable” due to Home Owner’s Insurance Company Policies.

     American Bulldog
     Bullmastiff / Mastiff
    Presa Canario
    Pit Bull
    Siberian Husky
    Staffordshire Terrier
    Wolf Dog / Hybrid Wolf Bull Terrier
    Pit Bull Terrier
    Any Combination of these

    Please note, this list is not a requirement of Bluefax Realty, LLC. This is what most Home Owner’s Insurance will not allow. If a property inspection reveals that a tenant has one of  the above listed dogs, the homeowners insurance company will drop their coverage  immediately, placing the Tenant in Breach of their lease.