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    Application Fee


    Utilities Management Fee (not changing utilities to your name)


    Pet Fee (Non Refundable Per Pet)


    Air Filter Program


    Rekey Locks (up to 6 key slots)


    Online Rent Payment


    Online Maintenance Request


    Online Document Access




  • At Bluefax Realty, our goal is to maximize your experience with us as one of our tenants, and to make your stay with us a pleasant as we can.  In order to help us accomplish this, we believe it's important to set expectations upfront, and to let you know what our guidelines are to make sure we're a good fit for you.

    Application Fee - This is for every occupant over the age of 17, even if they are 'not on the lease'.  Each person living on the premises, including students, that is 18 years old and older must fill out an application and background check. 

    Utilities Management - In the event you forget to get the utilities transferred into your name, that means we get the bill.  We have to account for the bill, cut the checks, reconcile the account, post the charges to your account, collect that money, reconcile that account, transfer the funds.... you get the picture.  So we have to charge for that time & energy. 

    Please have the utilities transferred into your name no later than the first day of your lease start date, even if you're actually moving in later. 

    When you move out, do not have the utilities turned off until at least after the 3rd day past your move out date. This is to give us time to inspect your unit and process your security deposit refund.  No utilities = no inspection.  If we arrive at your unit, and find there are no utilities on, we have to charge a trip charge and a utilities management fee, plus now there is a delay in processing your refund. 

    Air Filter Program - Your home has been enrolled in an Air Filter Delivery Program. The cost is $20/month, and will be added to your tenant portal. You will receive all of the air filters required for your home, delivered to your door each month.   Replacing your filters on a monthly basis will not only help reduce maintenance calls and A/C Downtime, it will also help reduce your energy costs!

    Pet Fee - $300 Per Pet. If your unit accepts pets, we charge a non refundable pet fee. A PET ADDENDUM MUST BE EXECUTED BEFORE MOVING A PET INTO YOUR HOME.

    Lease Renewal Inspection - Prior to executing a lease extension, we are required to reinspect your property for maintenance issues. The inspection is conducted by a 3rd party, and should take about an hour or so.  They will need to enter each room of the property, and be given access to the utilities, A/C, Water Heater, Etc.  We cannot renew without an inspection, so we do appreciate your cooperation in helping us get this done in a timely manner. 

    Yes, photos are taken and made part of the report. The report is not released publicly, and is for use of your property manager and the property owner in the maintenance and upkeep of the property. 

    If the report reveals excessive damage due to tenants neglect of the property, a lease extension may not be granted.

    Extra Document Copies - We are a mostly paperless office, and You have electronic access to all of your documents 24/7.  If you would like us to print an extra copy of your lease and mail it to you, or have it in the office for pick up, there is a $10 fee to cover the time and expense for producing the copies for you.

    Rekey the Locks - If at any time you want your units locks rekeyed, just let us know and we'll be happy to arrange it for you.  If you change the locks yourself, please forward a copy to our office. Per your lease, Bluefax Realty is to be provided a key to the property each time you change the locks.

    Per the Texas Property Code for Residential Rental Units, we rekey the locks between each tenant.

    Online Rent Payment - Included free. We encourage online recurring rent payments!

    Online Maintenance Request - Included free. In your tenant portal (not this website), just hit the Contact Us button. It will send an email to your property manager and log the issue into your property's history.

    Online Document Access - We sign our documents electronically, so you automatically are emailed a copy at signing.  For safekeeping, we also upload the document to your tenant portal. You have access to everything there 24/7.