• For Urgent Requests, call (210)695-8252 Option #2.  For Routine Maintenance, please enter on the Tenant Portal.  For Fire / Police / Ambulance, please call 911.

    • Our application is handled online, making it easier and faster for prospective tenants to apply and start the process.  

    • Our powerful Secure Tenant Portal allows our tenants to Pay Rent Online and Submit Maintenance Requests.

    • Have a question?  Click on our Contact Us forms, and we'll be happy to help you out.  Can't wait? Give us a call at (210)695-8252.

    • We are Committed to Working Smarter
      Bluefax Realty Broker Drawing a workflow on a clear work surface of Applications, Marketing and Leasing

      The rule of thumb here at Bluefax Realty & Property Management is Common Sense....

      We do the small things that really add up to make our days more efficient, and therefore are able to offer a better level of service in a timely manner. For example, instead of jumping in the car for every call, we troubleshoot over the phone first. Many times, this takes care of the minor issues before calling out a technician.

      Electronic Signatures. This saves us so many hours each month. Instead of stopping what we're doing, and watching someone sign a 15 page document, we send it out for electronic signature via email, they can read it at their convenience, and once they're done, it pops back into our inbox so we can simply process it.  Sounds like a no brainer...but you'd be surprised at how many people are still driving around town collecting signatures.

      Secure Portals. Owners & Tenants both have their own secure access to us.  Tenants can pay rent anytime they want (reducing late pays), as well as submit maintenance requests online.  Owners can see their ledgers, view receipts/invoices and run reports 24/7 at their convenience.

      Our experience has taught us that Property Management in San Antonio is much like any other service business. The asset is managed from the office, not on the road and in the car.  This allows us to plan our days more efficiently, and make the trips we do have to make much more effective. 

    • Business Hours

      Day Hours
      Monday 9 - 5
      Tuesday 9 - 5
      Wednesday 9 - 5
      Thursday 9 - 5
      Friday 9 - 5
      Weekend Appointment
    • Why Choose Us?

    • Full Service
    • Maintenance Calls Monitored 24 / 7
    • Owners Paid with Direct Deposit (ACH)
    • Secure Owners Portal
    • Free Tenant Online Rent Payments
    • Veteran Owned Small Business