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    Can I do my own advertising?

    The short answer is no.  Primarily, we have to make sure that Fair Housing Laws are followed and that we know what is out there when potential tenants are calling us.

    Can I see the Tenant’s Application and Background Checks?

    Unfortunately, we are not allowed to share that data. Tenant’s personal information is guarded by privacy laws, and we have to respect that, so it is required to be kept confidential and only viewed by our staff.

    Can the tenant break their lease?

    There are normally only a few scenarios by which a tenant can terminate his or her lease without penalty.

    A Military Clause permits military personnel to terminate the lease when they present proof of a transfer outside the San Antonio metropolitan area. They are required to provide thirty days written notice prior to vacating the house. If orders are not available, a letter signed by their Commanding Officer will suffice.

    Occasionally, a tenant’s civilian employer requires them to transfer to another city. In this case, the resident may terminate their lease by following the EARLY TERMINATION procedures in their lease agreement.  The tenant will bear all expenses normally experienced with re-renting the home, and pays the rent until the property is re-rented, tenants may be released from their obligations upon successful completion of the early termination and paying all associated fees involved.

    The 2nd scenario of breaking the lease without penalty is if a tenant is the victim of Domestic Abuse. This clause is directed by the Texas Property Code.  We want our tenants to be safe and will help them where we can, so in the event this happens, we will comply with the property code and inform the owner as soon as practicable.


    Do you help Buy & Sell homes too?

    Yes, unless you or your property was referred to us by another real estate agent.  If you were referred to us by an outside agent, we want to honor that relationship, so we will refer you back to them.

    How do I find a receipt for a repair that was made?

    We upload receipts and attach them to the repair invoice/bill/check.


    To view the applicable receipt, just click on the amount in your financials.  You may need to select ‘Accrual Basis’ for this feature to work.

    How informed will I be about about what’s going on with my property?

    If a repair request or tenant action comes in, you will be informed about it simply through our automated email system using our management software. When we send out a work order to a vendor, owner’s are copied on those emails. That way, there are no surprises. If the repair bill is under our cap, you’ll see the charge added on your statement.  If it’s over, we’ll call and discuss the options.

    If it’s an emergency and/or habitability issue, we will use our discretion in expediting the issue and keep you informed as soon as we can.

    How long are your leases for?

    Typically, we like to use 12 month leases, with a few exceptions…. We need our units to be available during the peak rental cycle of April – June so we don’t get stuck with a vacant unit in the off season…, so we adjust our terms accordingly.


    For example, if we rent a unit out in November, we’ll want a short term lease with the tenant vacating in the April – May – June time frame.  Shorter term leases will usually come at a little higher rent to cover the shorter term turnover costs.


    If the tenant needs a longer lease, we can do the number of months required to get us back into the peak season + 12 months.  So using the same November move in, that might see us take a lease of 17 months instead of the usual 12.  (7 months gets us to May + 12 months)

    How often are inspections performed?

    We do one Property Condition Report at Move in, complete with photos.  At Move Out, we do a follow up walk through to look for any damage compared to the initial report.

    If you would like to have a mid term, or renewal inspection prior to signing a renewal, we’re happy to provide that. See the pricing page for details:  http://bluefaxpm.com/pricing/

    Need a drive by inspection to check on the exterior condition, we do that too!  Details are here

    Want to see a  Sample Property Condition Report ?

    I have a friend that is pretty handy, can they take care of my property? They’ll work for free…

    Unfortunately, no.  We only allow approved vendors onto our occupied properties.  This is for the safety of our residents.


    If your friend is a licensed & insured contractor in that particular field, we’ll be happy to talk to them about getting on our approved list though!

    I’m pretty handy, can I do repairs on my own property?

    Unfortunately, no.  We only allow approved vendors on the premises while it is occupied, and this includes owners.


    If during the vacancy period, you want to take care of a few items, it is your property.  However, they have to be done in a ‘professional and workman like manner’, or we may end up having to call in a technician anyway to make it right.


    We pride ourselves on satisfied tenants, and good maintenance practices goes a long way towards this.

    If I want to sell my property, are we locked in to your services?

    No.  In fact, if you came to us through a referring agent, we send you back to them for any future sales or purchases.


    Why would we do that??  Our property management is based on referrals from other agents!  If we ‘steal’ their clients, they’d never send us another referral…. Plus, it’s just the right thing to do.  And that’s part of our philosophy.


    If you did not come to us from another agent though, we’d love the opportunity to help you buy/sell though.  Just ask, no pressure.

    If the lease is not renewed, what does ‘Showing’ the home entail?

    About 45 days out from the end of your lease,  we’ll want to start showing your home to prospective tenants.


    A secure lockbox will be placed on your property that can only be accessed by licensed agents.  The showings will be scheduled through a 3rd party call center ( Centralized Showing Service ), and you’ll receive notification of the appointment by phone call or text.


    The prospective tenants will be accompanied by a Licensed Agent for the showing, and the showings are typically scheduled for 1 hour windows.


    As soon as we have the home rented out, we’ll cancel all other appointment requests to minimize the disruption to your routine.


    For showings, we do ask that you cooperate just as if this were your own home, and to make the home tidied up and presentable for the appointments, and kennel any pets as required for their safety and ours.  Also, you’ll want to vacate the premises while the home is being shown if possible.


    Any cancelled / declined appointments will result in a trip charge to your account.  If you are sick, and at home, let us know in advance, and we’ll be happy to work with you.

    What happens if you find ‘Damages’ at move out?

    We document the condition of the home prior to move in. We have reports that average 80 photos of each unit (more or less, depending on size & rooms), and usually a video as well.


    We then compare the before and after condition reports.


    If there is actual damage, we make the repairs, and charge the tenant’s security deposit as appropriate and in line with the Texas Property Code 2013. If the security deposit doesn’t cover the whole charge, we seek payment from them before turning it over for collections.

    What type of insurance do I need on my property?

    You will need to have Landlord policy naming Bluefax Realty, LLC as an additional insured or have a provision that covers the property manager.   Bluefax Realty, LLC should be covered for a minimum of $100,000 liability coverage.

    When can I expect my rental proceeds?

    We collect rent on the 1st, and it’s late on the 3rd.


    We strive to pay our owners by the 10th of the month by ACH Payment.  You should receive an email notifying you of your deposit.  This deposit will be the rental amount minus the management fee and any repair bills paid out on your behalf.


    You can always see what was paid out by checking your Owner’s Portal.

    When will I receive my Year End Statement?

    Statements are available 24/7 via your Owners Portal.  You may run and download these reports at any time.


    The ‘Rental Owners Statement with Details’ is the most user friendly.


    Your IRS Form 1099 will be processed and mailed to you towards the end of January each year.

    Who holds on to the Tenant’s Security Deposit?

    In Texas, the Security Deposit is always considered to be the Tenant’s Money, and as such, must be held in a separate trust account in the Broker’s Name.


    The security deposit is never released to the property owner unless the tenant has moved out, and any damages have been properly accounted for.


    In the event that the owner terminates the services of Bluefax Realty, LLC, a notice will be given to the tenant accounting of their security deposit, and detailing who is now responsible for it.  Sometimes this is a new management company, sometimes it’s the property  owner who may be taking over management.

    Who takes care of the yard when the house is vacant?

    We contract with a lawn care provider and will have your yard cut as the need arises, typically every two weeks.  Also, we do like to have the yard touched up just prior to a tenant moving in.  It’s our goal to give them the property in the condition we want it returned.

    Why am I still paying for utilities after the tenant moved in?

    Utility bills are not sent until the end of a cycle. Which means that we may not get a bill for a period the house was vacant until after the tenant has already moved in. Tenants are instructed to put utility service in their name effective move in day.

    Why are non-rent charges paid first?

    According to our Residential Lease Agreement all non-rent charges are paid off first when we receive a payment from a tenant.  We do this for legal reasons.  We can only represent you in court (for eviction) for non-payment of rent.  We cannot represent you for non-payment of repairs, utilities, etc.

    Why do I need to add Bluefax Relty, LLC as an additional insured to my insurance policy

    Let’s say a tenant trips at your property, breaks their leg, and sues. They are probably going to sue you and Bluefax Realty, LLC. Your insurance should step in and defend you. Since we are acting as your agent, we need that same protection. Our management agreement, like all management agreements, has an indemnification clause that says you agree to indemnify Bluefax Realty, LLC, unless we are found to be negligent. This means, if your insurance does not cover us, we have to hire an attorney on our own. Then our attorney will be fighting your attorney and the tenant. If we are found not guilty, our attorney will come after you for the attorney fees. Had we been added as additionally insured, your insurance company would defend us both equally. Most major insurance companies do this and for no additional charge. If your insurance company will not add Bluefax Realty, LLC, you should consider switching to an insurance carrier who does.

    Will you pay my bills for me?

    We are happy to pay typical repair & vendor bills that come up through the month.


    Recurring bills, such as your mortgage, insurance, etc., should always be paid by the owner.

    Will you show my home on the market before the current tenant moves out?

    We have found that having your property Rent Ready for showings makes a big difference in getting it rented.  It’s best to show your home after it has been cleaned and ready for a new tenant.

  • Owner Testimonials
  • My Realtor referred me to John King and Bluefax Realty, and He jumped in right after closing and took over the keys. John did the walk through on the property and made all of the necessary recommendations to make the property rent ready. He has taken care of all of the work and managing the property for last 2 Years. In fact we have given them more properties to manage!


  • I’ve had the pleasure of having John King, the Owner / Broker of Bluefax Realty as our property manager who helped us for leasing our house in San Antonio, TX. He gave us a great price, and with NO hidden charges. When searching for tenants, he created a professional ad, and kept us informed throughout the process. The handyman / maintenance men that he uses all charged a reasonable amount, and there was no markup from property management. John also communicated with me via phone and email in a timely manner for any kind of problem. I can honestly say he has performed more than 100% in finding good tenants quickly, and we’ve never had a problem. I would recommend him highly to anyone who may require the service of a fine, outstanding property management company such as his.