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  • Item

    Classic Plan

    Management Fee

    $125 Per Month

    Rent Collection


    Screening New Tenants ( Credit & Criminal Screenings )


    Online Document Storage / Access


    Owner & Tenant Online Portal


    Owners Paid Online via ACH Payment ( around the 10th of each month )


    Online Rent Collection via ACH Payment (Free for tenants!)


    Coordinate Routine Repair Calls


    Answer Emergency/Weekend Repair Calls


    Inspection While Vacant




    Leasing Fee


    Lease Renewals


    Mid Lease 3rd Party Property Condition Report

    @ Cost


  • Management Fee - Charged Monthly

    This covers our time and energy for collecting the rent, answering your tenant's questions, troubleshooting any repair calls over the phone before calling in vendors, being available to them on the weekend/nights/holidays for emergency repair calls, and the standard services of managing a property.  The Classic Plan is charged only while the property is occupied.  

    Leasing Fee

    This is charged at tenant turnover, when a new tenant moves in. This covers all of the marketing, showing, screening, and processing of getting a new tenant into your property.  We also pay commissions out of this fee to agents that may bring us a qualified tenant for your property as well as Property Condition Report prior to move in.

    Rekey the Locks 

    Between each tenant, we have to rekey ALL of the locks. Current market rate is around $99, depending on the number of locks you have.  The initial rekey charge is typically more, this is due to bringing your home into compliance with the Texas Property Code for Security Devices.

    *If you have the Smart Key system on your property, we re-key those for a flat $25 at turnover. 

    Home Warranty Repairs 

    We no longer work with Third Party Home Warranty Companies with our rentals.  Our experience with most home warranties is less than stellar when it comes to being a property manager.  We never know who the vendor is, and sometimes they are tied to 'repairing it the best they can' vs. replacing it when needs to be, and this results in extra trips, phone calls, tenant coordination and followup, etc...  There is also a lot of extra red-tape in getting through and scheduling a claim.  Most times,  requiring several calls and visits.  

    Lease Renewal

    When lease renewal time comes, we will take the time to run the latest rent comps to make sure that you are priced appropriately.  Life changes, so does the rent!  Property taxes go up, the price of maintenance goes up, so we need to make sure that you are priced correctly before agreeing to another year with a tenant.  It's so much more 'than just a few signatures'.

    3rd Party Property Condition Report

    This is a 3rd party report.  A neutral 3rd party will do a walk through of your property, taking photos of the property and checking for any obvious maintenance items like leaks under the sink.  They also look to see if the tenant is taking care of the property, like changing the A/C Filters.  This report is great prior to agreeing to another lease term with your tenant.  Charges for these reports vary, depending on if the property is vacant or not. 

    Early Termination Fee 

    This is part of the Property Management Agreement, and is used in the event a client chooses to no longer utilize us as the manager.  Life changes, so we have to figure on that too…We don’t charge a setup fee for you, but if choose to cancel the agreement, we have to cover our time & expense in getting the property into the system, doing the initial walk thru, videos, photos and condition reports in order to get your home ready for the market. Often times, we are already fielding calls from potential tenants, etc. If a lease has already been signed, the property management agreement will govern.

    Emergency Repair Calls (Routine)*

    Just because the office closes doesn’t mean things don’t break! For emergencies such as Water Lines Breaking, A/C or Heat Out during extreme temperatures, etc., we will answer the phones / return messages.

    If it’s a simple matter of dispatching a technician and catching up with the paperwork later, it’s included. For extreme cases such as Fire / Police issues where we are required to get onsite asap to secure the property, a nominal administrative fee may apply.