• Current Tenants

    Am I required to have renters insurance?

    It is highly recommended.  If there is ever an emergency, such as flood, fire or theft, the owner’s policy does NOT cover you or your belongings!

    Can I be charged for maintenance on my rental home?

    Typical maintenance, that occurs due to no fault of the tenant, is considered normal wear & tear,  and the owner will pay for this type of repair.


    Issues caused by the tenant however, will be charged back to the tenant.


    The best example of repairs that charged back to tenants are a shower drain clogged with hair, or A/C issues due to not changing the air filters on a regular basis.


    Can I have my locks rekeyed?

    Bluefax Realty ensures that each lock has been rekeyed after the last tenant moved out, and after any 3rd party vendors have been in the property getting it ready.


    If you wish to have your property rekeyed again, we are happy to accommodate this.  As many times as you wish actually… There is a $10 admin fee + the actual cost which is not marked up.  Just submit a request on your tenant portal, and we’ll take care of it.


    We do get an industry discount, and are happy to pass this along to you.  If at anytime your property is rekeyed through us or by any other means, Bluefax Realty must receive a copy of the key within 2 business days.

    How can I get a copy of my lease?

    A copy of your lease may be found in your tenant portal under the Documents Section. You can log in to your Tenant Portal.


    If you would like us to send you an additional copy of your lease documents, there is a document fee of $10 per copy.


    If the lease is not renewed, what does ‘Showing’ the home entail?

    About 45 days out from the end of your lease,  we’ll want to start showing your home to prospective tenants.


    A secure lockbox will be placed on your property that can only be accessed by licensed agents.  The showings will be scheduled through a 3rd party call center ( Centralized Showing Service ), and you’ll receive notification of the appointment by phone call or text.


    The prospective tenants will be accompanied by a Licensed Agent for the showing, and the showings are typically scheduled for 1 hour windows.


    As soon as we have the home rented out, we’ll cancel all other appointment requests to minimize the disruption to your routine.


    For showings, we do ask that you cooperate just as if this were your own home, and to make the home tidied up and presentable for the appointments, and kennel any pets as required for their safety and ours.  Also, you’ll want to vacate the premises while the home is being shown if possible.


    Any cancelled / declined appointments will result in a trip charge to your account.  If you are sick, and at home, let us know in advance, and we’ll be happy to work with you.

    Is smoking prohibited?

    Yes. Per the lease agreement, smoking is prohibited on the property, to include the garage area.

    What happens if you find ‘Damages’ at move out?

    We document the condition of the home prior to move in. We have reports that average 80 photos of each unit (more or less, depending on size & rooms), and usually a video as well.


    We then compare the before and after condition reports.


    If there is actual damage, we make the repairs, and charge the tenant’s security deposit as appropriate and in line with the Texas Property Code 2013. If the security deposit doesn’t cover the whole charge, we seek payment from them before turning it over for collections.

    When do I turn the utilities on / off?

    We recommend calling as soon as you know your move in date, as local companies can take several days or even more to get to you.  If you fail to transfer the utilities into your name at the beginning of the lease, a utilities management fee will apply.


    Please schedule the utilities to be turned off 3 days after your move out date.  This is to allow time for move out inspections.  If there aren’t any utilities on at the time of your move out inspection, you will be charged a utility management fee for us to turn them on.  Your inspection cannot be conducted without them.


    When is my trash day?

    If you’re in the city limits of San Antonio, you can find your trash day here:  http://sanantonio.gov/swmd/MyCollectionDay.aspx

    If you’re not within the city limits, call your provider.

    Need help figuring out who your provider is?  Give us a call or enter a ticket on the tenant portal. We’re happy to help!

    Who holds on to the Tenant’s Security Deposit?

    In Texas, the Security Deposit is always considered to be the Tenant’s Money, and as such, must be held in a separate trust account in the Broker’s Name.


    The security deposit is never released to the property owner unless the tenant has moved out, and any damages have been properly accounted for.


    In the event that the owner terminates the services of Bluefax Realty, LLC, a notice will be given to the tenant accounting of their security deposit, and detailing who is now responsible for it.  Sometimes this is a new management company, sometimes it’s the property  owner who may be taking over management.